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Dear Sirs,

Running a company and establishing business contacts is often associated with overnight stays in hotels, which generates additional costs. In order to meet your needs, Business Saving Club helps to reduce travel costs. The Business Saving Club Card offers up to 50% discounts on daily prices in more than 100 hotels in Poland.

Business Saving Club has been operating since 2013, offering over 100 specially selected hotels. Excellent location of hotels, both in large cities and in suburban resorts, fosters business meetings and provides a quiet weekend relaxation, always at the lowest available prices.

We offer several dozen pearls of Polish architecture, such as castles and palaces that have now been converted into hotel facilities. Their unique and unforgettable atmosphere makes customers happy to return there.

We set ourselves exactly the same aim in terms of service for our Club Members, for whom we provide a comprehensive booking service of overnight stays in hotels in Poland and abroad. Thanks to its reservation service, Business Saving Club sets new standards in the Polish hotel market.

We invite you to take a closer look at our website where you can find information about hotels co-operating with Business Saving Club in Poland, as well as additional information about our reservation service. If you prefer to contact us by phone, please book a call with our Business Customer Advisors who will provide you with comprehensive information on the manner of operation of Business Saving Club and benefits of joining our program.



Yours faithfully, 

Marcin Piotrowski
Chief Executive Officer

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