"Ostatnio dzięki BSC, stojąc już pod hotelem, udało mi się zaoszczędzić 150 złotych."
Reservations: 801 146 839

Grzegorz Osóbka

Umbrella Marketing Group


I am being constantly surprised by the quality of hotels chosen by Business Saving Club, especially in relation to the price. For years I have been often traveling throughout Poland and so far I have been choosing chain hotels because they gave me a level of security when it comes to standard. I like to know what to expect, so at some point I stopped to use the non-chain hotels because more than once I was disappointed with the quality of service and the facility itself. And in Business Saving Club only positive surprises await me. Not only do I save a lot and the cost of the card paid for itself a long time ago, but I am also sure that the hotel where I will be sleeping in will have an appropriate level and standard, and additionally, I do not have to spend time choosingand making reservations, just one phone call to BSC.

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