Reservations: 801 146 839
  1. The card with Business Saving Club logo in plastic or electronic version (on the mobile device) is personal and allows its owner to use it within the validity of the card (the expiry date is indicated on the card).
  2. The Business Saving Club Card allows for up to 50% discounts on Hotels in Poland and abroad.
  3. The discount obtained thanks to the BSC card cannot be combined with any other offer available at the hotel, unless otherwise decided by the Hotel.
  4. The acceptance of a reservation by Hotels co-operating with Business Saving Club depends on the expected availability of rooms.
  5. BSC requires that all bookings are made through the Customer Service Office.
  6. In case that the Customer makes a reservation directly at the Hotel, BSC is not responsible for any irregularities.
  7. The BSC office personnel is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at the phone number 0801 146 839 or e-mail address: info@bsclub.pl, rezerwacje@bsclub.pl.
  8. One card entitles its holder to rent one room at the special BSC rate.
  9. Presenting the BSC Card at check-in/check-out does not entitle its holder to take advantage of the discount and the Hotel has the right to refuse it.
  10. In case of cancelling the hotel night, free reservation cancellation can be made not later than 48 hours from the reservation date (scheduled arrival to the hotel); in the event of reservation cancellation after this date, the hotel can charge the customer the reservation cost.
  11. The BSC Cardholder pays for his/her stay at the Hotel while checking-in or checking-out.
  12. Business Saving Club Cardholders are requested to report any irregularities immediately after their occurrence.
  13. The list of hotels co-operating with BSC is subject to change.
  14. The Business Saving Club brand is owned by CBP Polska SP. z o.o. VAT SP.K. with its registered office in Warsaw (02-806) at ul. Albatrosów 15 A.


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